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Fire pit at Limay River Lodge

Living the trout dream! by Jorge Trucco

Hi all…

It’s hard to express how anxious we are to share our excitement right now, and tell the world why Limay River Lodge is to us simply mind-blowing…

It may be the magical karma you feel when you find yourself sitting in front of its unique outdoor fireplace, having a drink and talking fishing…

Or it may be the unmatchable feeling it is to be in a real oasis-like spot in the middle of the legendary Patagonian Steppe.

Whatever it is that it is… after over 40 years of walking countless Patagonian paths and rivers, I’d like to share all this…

Often times back and again I’ll recall those cherished fishing moments I shared with Bebe Anchorena, Jorge Donovan, Charles Radziwill, Art Lee, Lefty Kreh, Ernie Schwiebert, Trey Combs, Don Williams, Billy Pate and numerous others. Now I can recognize I have the fortune of being alive and enjoying life more than ever before.

How I wish I had discovered this 30 years ago and shared it with all of whom I fished with over the years!

Jorge Trucco

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