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Limay River 31 inch Brown, January 27 2016

Sometimes it’s funny how things happen and the course episodes take. Here, at Limay River Lodge last night, the Windguru app was predicting mild west winds early in the morning and an abrupt change at noon with gusts that would exceed 31mph blowing from the west. Our schedule was immediately modified. We would now leave the lodge real early in the morning (around 7:00 AM) and fish until noon. We also changed the stretches where to fish, and even how to fish them. Guide Pablo Viñaras was assigned to guide guests Ron Lum and David Pietsch and he decided to put in upstream from the lodge and take out right at the lodge when the wind was supposed to start picking up. They also decided to fish streamers on sinking tip lines instead of dries or nymphs.
Mid-morning found them half way down their stretch and all of a sudden Ron came up tight. He did not had to guess much, the 31-inch brown trout broke water 3 times and fought like a 31-inch fresh migratory brown should. It was epic. 30 minutes later, Pablo finally was able to net the trophy brown for Ron.
And yes… it’s funny how things happen, what looked like it would be a tough day on the river ended up being one of Ron and Pablo’s brightest moments.
I’ve always felt that what really defines the adventure of fly-fishing is the fact that there are no guarantees. Fly-fishing is very much like life, I mean, if you pay your dues you may be rewarded or you may not, but if you drop out of the fight you are pretty much guaranteed not to succeed. And this time Ron and Pablo did indeed succeed… and with flying colors! This is to them! Cheers!

Jorge Trucco



Congratulations to Pablo and his angler – a world class fish on a world class river with a world class guide! You have an incredible fishery here Jorge, and I can hardly wait to return! Saludos!

Dawson, thank you so much for taking the time to write these lines. We will for sure pass along the message to Pablo and Jorge. And of course we look forward to welcome you back! All the best, the LRL team.

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